My name is Sybren Bouwsma, I am a nature coach and stutterwhisperer. I guide people in nature and online to get closer to their own nature.


Stuttering and coaching:

I have been stuttering all my life and this has had a great influence on my life. But in my view stuttering is not only a limitation, it is also positive force in my personal development.


Because of my experience and background my individual coaching is excellently suitable for people who stutter. I guide people who stutter in dealing with fear; (social) insecurity and building up self-confidence. 

For people who do not stutter, I use stuttering as a mirror and coach asset. With my stuttering I have learned to listen, to have patience and to be with my full attention with you. The fact that I stutter, almost always evokes something: feelings (un) rest, insecurity or (lack of) connection. By focussing on the background of these feelings I help you to find a deeper level in yourself. That's why others call me a stuttterwhisperer.

Training and development:
After training in Public Administration and Ethics and over ten years of experience as a researcher in social policy, I followed my heart to help people with their self development in nature.

In a training for Outdoor Life Coach I learned how to use nature in coaching. A training with Maori learned me the natural wisdom of this New Zealand tribe. I learned about Vision Quest walks and do mirror interviews in nature. I improved my knowledge of natural rituals and symbols in the Czech Republic during a training week about Deep Education. Other inspiration and guidance derives from walks in nature and pelgrimages  I made in the Netherlands and different European countries.

For Salvaj in northern Italy, I organized an international exchange and coaching week for young adults from across Europe who stutter.
Professional Association
I am a member of the Dutch assocation Groene Zorg, a professional association for people who coach people in nature.Car

Orange Raven

"You have the right to see a little more of the magic of life and experience." Through my coaching, I give your life a magical glow (again). Therefore the orange raven symbolizes my work as a coach.


Raven is one of the most intelligent animals. A raven can use 'tools' to pick out food with chopsticks and crack nuts with rocks. Raven also adapts well to its environment, Raven can imitate sounds from the environment, such as the human voice. Ravens also show a comforting behavior, they seek comfort by physical contact or clean their feathers. Through the ages and in many cultures Raven carries the strong power of magic and is seen as a (spiritual) messenger. He can see light in the darkness, and you can give courage to enter the darkness of the void where everything stays still has no form. The raven can meanchange in consciousness. This offers you the chance to find a different route in your life.

Orange is the color of the second chakra. The power of orange lies in the joy and creativity. Orange also stands for enthusiasm, energy, cheerfulness, sexuality, power and connection. In nature there is a lot of orange, the color of the setting sun, beautiful autumn leaves smoldering charcoal or solid roots.

The core values ​​I work with are intelligence, adaptability, strength, courage, spirituality, creativity and sensitivity. The strength of the raven and connective creativity of the color orange are important sources of inspiration in my work.

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