With patience and attention, Orange Raven coaches in the field of personal and spiritual development; career and relationships.


Questions I can guide you with are:

  • What are my qualities?
  • Who am I and who do I want to be?
  • What direction do I want in my life?
  • How do I continue my relationship?
  • What do I think is important in my career?
  • How do I make difficult topics negotiable?


My strength is that I create a safe environment in nature, so you can learn to study yourself in a different way. For me, the natural environment is a mirror for what goes on in yourself. As a graduated outdoor life coach, I have a variety of methods that I customize to your situation. 


With great pleasure I coach in the Netherlands and abroad in different nature areas. I also coach online.



Stuttering can lead to fear, insecurity and social isolation. Because I stutter myself, my individual coaching is characterized by empathy and experience. I learned to  listen and pay attention to what is the core of your problem. The fact that I stutter almost always toucher a deeper level in yourself. If you struggle with fear (s), insecurity or lack of self-esteem you find in my coaching a new way to power.

Outdoor life coaching